River Class

The Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River is rated as a Class 1 & 2 level river. In spring, when snow runoff creates higher water levels, the rapids may raise the class certification to a level 3. Under certain conditions, rafts and/or wetsuits may be mandatory.

Normal water height is between 2.5 and 3.5 feet, with some spots lower and some being significantly higher. The Eddy near the Narrowsburg Bridge is approximately 113 feet, created by glacier run off. Most days the river varies from a burst of rapid to placid pools where the fish and aqua life may be seen from your boat.

For your enjoyment:
To make your trip more enjoyable don't take a trip which might be longer than recommended. Sometimes an extra mile or so could feel like a day if not properly prepared. Preparation includes carrying the proper clothing, sunscreen, insect repellant, food and water. You should also factor in who is paddling. Are you with little kids? They tire sooner, leaving you to propel the same size boat with less help.

GAUGE YOUR TIME.- The Landers Staff at the launch areas know the average times people can make their trip for the day. Listen to them. Customers must be off the river by 6pm at our landing.

Ending your river adventure:
Most people prefer the ability to get into their own vehicle upon ending their river trip (you would need to take advantage of the AM shuttle for this to happen). This way, you would not have to wait for our shuttle to give you a ride back to your car. When you get off the river please check in with attendant, they track you and your boat. We want to make sure everyone is safely off the river by 6pm. You should remember to bring a dry change of clothing and maybe a cold drink or snack for the ride home.

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Trip Tips

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