For the most adventurous river traveler, recommended for age 10 years and up, advanced skill involved. Average river trip by kayak is 3 to 5 hours long (10-15 miles), paddling leisurely but consistently. Sit-in and touring kayak styles are available. Kayaks offer the ability to be on the river with a group of people but yet afford the opportunity to be an individual. when the group decides to continue down stream, you can play around in your favorite eddy or rapid until you opt to catch up. It is a great way to see the river or just be out for some exercise in the sun.

Double Kayaks:
Tandem or Double Kayaks are relatively new to our fleet. These kayaks offer the same lower center of gravity as all the other kayaks. They allow people to sit inside of the boat as opposed to sitting high and up on the boat, as in a canoe. Taking a tandem allows people to enjoy the river together. It also allows an inexperienced person to go with someone else to "learn the ropes" and feel comfortable, before getting their feet wet themselves (so to speak).

Boat Rentals

All rentals are for the day. Our bases open at 8 am on weekends and 9 am weekdays. Boats must be returned to any one of our 10 bases by 6 pm. All rentals include paddles, life jackets and safety instructions/trip orientation. Boating instructions available for the novice upon request. All river users must be at least 5 years of age, able to swim and weigh a minimum of 40 lbs. Actual trip length will vary depending on type of craft, river conditions, weather and personal preference.


Weekday $39
Weekend $42
2-Day $63
Kayak/Solo Canoe $44
Twin Kayak (per person) $44
Additional Day $22
  -Complete Price List

Prices are per person per day. Prices based on 2 persons per canoe and 4 persons per raft. Bases open 8 am weekends and 9 am weekdays. Children 12 years and under go at HALF PRICE when accompanied by adult. No other discounts apply. ADVANCE DEPOSIT of $20 per person required for above rates to apply. With no advance deposit, add $2.00 to above weekend rates. DAMAGE RELEASE OPTION/or SECURITY- $2.00 PER PERSON PER DAY releases you from charges for damage to river craft only. Excludes willful damage or loss of paddles and life jackets. Each person in the party must buy damage release for it to apply. No SECURITY deposit is required if Damage Release Option is taken, otherwise a $10.00 per person security is required. All craft, including any damaged, must be returned to Lander's River Trips. FREE TRANSPORTATION for anyone renting our craft. SPLIT TRIP FEE of $6.00 per person on non-consecutive trips or change of craft. WEATHER CONDITIONS may make wet suits mandatory. RIVER CONDITIONS may make rafts mandatory. RESERVATIONS RECOMMENDED in early Spring and Fall to assure proper staffing.


Trip Tips

Check out our Trip Tips to get the most from your kayaking trip.